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The Beginning of Sweet Skulls

Biker Biker Flasks black glass skull bone colored ash tray bone colored incense burner bone colored skull chihuahua sugar skull ceramic day of the dead gothic skull Hand Made Handmade mexican day of the dead skull hear no evil indian chief skull machine skull Mancave raven on skull raven skull salt and shaker holder sugar skull see hear and speak no evil see no evil Skull Skulls speak no evil Steampunk Skull Sugar Skull Woman Cave

As always, if you are reading this thank you so much for your support. You are the reason we are here. :)

We have been working diligently to get up and running. A big thank you to my partner and Beautiful wife Carina, who is the back bone of this store.

My name is Tony Saldana. My wife and I started this adventure back in August of 2016. We both work in the energy sector, and needless to say, Carina was laid off at the end of 2014. I myself still have a full time job (Engineering Designer) as of this writing, but my department has gone from a robust 30 employees to 5 because of layoffs.. As you can imagine it is not a fun feeling knowing you could be next. Believe me, it wasn't easy but we decided to follow the old saying, "Worry is the misuse of the Imagination," by Dan Zadra. That's when Carina and I decided to come up with a plan. After months of contemplating what we could do and writing down many ideas, ultimately we were torn between what kind of business to start. That was until Carina's brother invited us to an expo, where we were like two babies in a candy store as the old cliché goes. Our eyes were wide open and we were scanning everything in sight and just like that, as if a bolt of lightning struck us, we saw the Skull. It was something we had never seen before, and  we were immediately drawn to it. In the back of our minds we had always liked art and oddities. Could this be it? Well, needless to say we didn't have to think about it long. We were both thinking the same thing, "Why not start a business doing something we both have a passion for." This was the beginning of Sweet Skulls.