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About us

Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

First and fore most if you are reading this Thank You so much for your interest. You are the reason we decided to start this venture.

The Start

Sweet Skulls was Founded in 2016 by Tony and Carina Saldana. We are two very hands on, get down and dirty type of people who enjoy bringing a smile to your face when you receive any of our unique products. A testament to this was November 3-6th,2016. This is when we started our first vendor booth at the Galveston, Lone Star Biker Rally. We slept 3-4 hours a day and worked from 10 am to 11:00 pm and also had to set up and take down every day. It was worth it! We got so much positive feedback about our offering people were saying, “Wow I’ve never seen anything like this, this is awesome!” The look on people’s faces, the wide open eye’s and big smiles, well, all I can say is Thank You! A funny, but not so funny story, was the first day of the rally. Carina and I finished putting everything up for the night and closed our booth. Being newbies this was a task and it got late quick. Once we finally were done, we walked about 7 blocks toward our Truck, so we could drive back to our travel trailer and get some shut eye. Well, we were a block away from the truck and Carina says,” You have the keys right?”, well you guessed it, I didn’t have the keys. By the time we walked back to our booth, we were both so tired we decided to sleep in the booth, which was located on the street. It was an experience, the noise from the cleaning crew was not pleasant, but we made the best of it and rested as much as we could. Now we look back and we both just laugh about it, but we will never forget sleeping on that hard street.

The Team

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and Carina was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. Our headquarters is in Houston, Texas. We both have a passion for Art and curiosities. Carina loves to paint while I like to create metal sculptures. We both are involved in the energy sector, but as we all know, the industry is not doing very well right now. Carina got laid off at the end of 2014, while I am hanging on to my job as an Engineering Designer. We had to come up with a plan and after many discussions we decided, “hey let’s get into something we both like and have a passion for”, and that’s when we came up with Sweet Skulls. We both love the day of the dead history and what it represents, which is a very special ritual, in which the living will lovingly remember their departed friends and relatives. The other aspect to this special holiday is the fascinating folk art that is created by artisans in the Mexican culture. The artisans have a wide range of expressions, where they transform clay, paper, and wood into incredible works of art, skulls(Calaveras) Catrinas and Catrins. This is something that Carina and I felt compelled to share with you. Our other passion is steampunk skulls and accessories. We are fascinated with the mixture of old and new. I myself use to be a machinist so I can definitely relate to gears and sprockets, which is an integral part of steampunk design. Carina loves to be involved in this as well. She has a knack for picking out steam punk style skulls as well as steampunk inspired purses. Our store will have steampunk skulls made of polyresin and we will be working toward an offering of modified skulls with metal stands and working gears made by myself and designed by Carina. She will also be working toward a special section featuring her art, which will be Catrinas on canvas framed and signed by her.

This is a very exciting journey for us and we hope you will give us the opportunity to earn your business.

A big thank you for your time!

Our Goal

We will work diligently to gain your trust and bring you the best experience possible at Sweet Skulls.

As always,” Grab Life by the Skull and make it Sweet”

Tony and Carina Saldana

Sweet Skulls

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